They Say About Him

“Matthew Morrison of Glee. He’s my dreamboat. I love him.” – Marissa Jaret Winokur

“My boyfriend always makes fun of me because I’m like, ‘I love Matthew.’ He’s become one of my best friends, which is weird because we’re so different on stage. While Harvey and I are exactly the same onstage as we are offstage, Matthew and I are opposite of what we are like onstage. Onstage, we’re giddy, in love, we’re so Tracy and Link. Offstage, we’re lying in my dressing room on the floor, going ‘Oh, we’re so tired.’ But Matt makes it real for me too. I’m so grateful for that. He sweats into my mouth the entire show, so if I didn’t love him, it’d be totally nasty! It is so gross – we’re about to kiss at the end of the number and he’s leaning over my mouth and just dripping into my mouth. At the time, I’m so Tracy, so getting off on it. My idol is dripping sweat on me? That’s the coolest thing ever! But afterwards, walking off stage, I’m like, ‘Matty! Ecchh! It was in my eyeball today!’ – Marissa Jaret Winokur

“When I was in Hairspray I worked with an actor named Matt Morrison, who played Link. We were kissing more than Judah and I were kissing. I have a very lucky career. I always get cast with very hot guys.” – Marissa Jaret Winokur

“Matt Morrison will always be my favorite co-star. That’ll never change; you can ask me that question when I’m 80 and I’ll give you the same answer.” – Marissa Jaret Winokur

“His life changed drastically very, very quickly. It’s exciting, but I also think it’s overwhelming. He can’t walk down the street anymore! You can never really be ready for something like that. When you’re 18, it’s exciting, but when you’re a little bit older, you think, ‘Gosh, where did my privacy go?’ I think he’s handling all of it beautifully. He’s meant to be a star.” – Kelli O’Hara

Q: The Light in the Piazza was your first (of two) roles opposite Matthew Morrison. What was your first impression of this Glee-ful man?

“The show was cast except for Fabrizio. I’ll never forget the day he came in, with such an air of confidence – so handsome and charming – that immediately they changed the role to suit him. It was written vocally higher, so they brought it down. He won everybody’s heart. We went on to become such good friends.” – Kelli O’Hara

“And Matt – when he came onboard there was no question that he was the ‘It Boy’ and he would be a huge star. I love him so much and I couldn’t be happier for anybody for all his success. The fact that we shared that show together means so much to me because we were basically babies and it was a very special time for us to start to learn who we were in working. […] Matt was much more charismatic and boyishly masculine. He was more bravado and masculine so there was a real heat. […] I like to catch up [on Glee] so when I see Matt I can make fun of him a little bit.” – Kelli O’Hara

“He’s a big brother type. He’s not overbearing or parental, but someone who, when things get a little chaotic, will settle everyone else down with a ‘hey guys, let’s get on our game.'” – Lea Michele

“At work we have a nickname for Matt Morrison – we call him ‘Triple Threat’, because he’s an incredible singer-dancer-actor.” – Lea Michele

“My Fabrizio. My dear friend.” – Kelli O’Hara

“I wasn’t surprised at all. We don’t call him Matty Fresh for nothing.” – Lea Michele

“If you spend enough time with Matt Morrison, you’ll definitely start to have a crush on him.” – Lea Michele

“Today was so much fun! Matt is such an amazing director! It was so awesome working with him!!!” – Lea Michele

“And best part is that Mr. Matt Morrison is directing this episode! So fun!!!!” – Lea Michele

“Got to see a special screening today of our Christmas episode directed by the amazing Mr Matt Morrison..It’s so great! One of my favorites!” – Lea Michele

“You’re killing me. I want to say ‘star’ but he’s also like my brother. Brother-Star! He won’t be happy with that.” – Lea Michele

“Matt, oh wow, even then, the talent, you could see it! He had the voice, he looked good, he could act.” – Ralph Opacic

“For his age, he was a very dynamic performer.” – Ralph Opacic

“It’s the singing and the hair. The curls – there’s something vintage about the way he looks and the way it’s styled. There’s something mysterious about him.” – Jayma Mays

“He looked alright. He’s doing okay.” – Jayma Mays

“I get really nervous when I have to sing and dance on camera. There’s something wonderful about doing it with someone who’s so professional and so seasoned like Matt, there’s a calming element to that. But there’s also an element of that that makes me anxiety-filled because he’s so amazing at it and it’s so second nature to him that I feel like the biggest dunce in the world when I’m trying to dance around him. I feel like I should just be standing there and let him twirl around me, or let him do whatever he does – it would be a much better number.” – Jayma Mays

“He’s a very handsome man. He’s dreamy. I think that’s the way to describe him. He’s from another era and very dreamy.” – Jayma Mays

“Matt and I worked together on another Pilot probably two years before we filmed the Pilot for Glee. We actually were cast as love interests for that show as well. What are the odds of us getting cast again as love interests. We did. It was great so I already felt like I knew him. We already had a friendship and he’s friends with my husband and he’s really nice.” – Jayma Mays

“Matt and I have been friends since before the show, so we’re close.” – Jayma Mays (Grazia UK, May 2011)

“He really sets the tone for the cast and the crew. (He’s) so focused and always ready to work and just so generous with his time. He’s happy to run lines (with other actors) the whole time between shots.”- Jayma Mays

Q: He’s kind of not a bad kisser.

“He’s pretty good, isn’t he. When I see [that I have to kiss him] on the script, I’m like alright. Another one, okay.” – Jayma Mays

“Our director of this episode is a total pr*ck. I don’t know where they found him, I don’t know what his credentials are. That being said… I like him. I like him a lot.” – Jayma Mays

“He’s a great friend and so talented and we’re just happy to be able to work all together. I think we’re just a team, he’s our fearless leader but we do work all together.” – Jenna Ushkowitz

“Is there anything he can’t do?” – Jenna Ushkowitz

“He was amazing. We’re really proud of him. His music is really great.” – Jenna Ushkowitz

“Matt is the hardest working man in show business. This guy is absolutely tireless and he runs more than anybody because he has to wear so many hats on the show. He is running to the recording studio, he is running to dance rehearsal. Matt is so fast at everything. I want to say he is like a rock. Every scene he approaches with real sincerity, with his whole self. Then he runs off to dance rehearsal and he is such an athlete and such a great dancer too. He is so earnest and sincere about everything he approaches. He sets a great tone.” – Stephen Tobolowsky

“Matthew Morrison: Salt of the earth.” – Stephen Tobolowsky

“Matt Morrison is now completely running the world from the vantage point of being the lead in [Fox TV show] Glee.” (…) “It’s so funny because I’ve known Matt for a long time. I’ve done Light in the Piazza with him. He was here for Hairspray at the beginning of his career, which started at 5th Avenue, and we did South Pacific, and recently I did a workshop with him. But the workshop came after he’d done most of the season of Glee. And watching what has happened to his life because of that TV show! We were walking across the street on Broadway and I heard this screaming. I thought someone had been hit by a car. It turns out it was this clutch of high school girls absolutely going insane, and only calling him by his character’s name: Mr Schuester, Mr Schuester! I mean, absolutely out of their minds.”
“I think the reason his sincerity connects is because he is sensitive to other people’s pain and anxiety. He could handle any of the young Shakespeare leads now or [Anton Chekhov’s] Seagull… Like the greatest leading men, he makes you look at the girl because he generates care, concern.” – Bartlett Sher

“He is truly one of the best of a generation [on Broadway]. He plays the romantic lead beautifully. His acting skills are so high, he draws the audience to him; he has a lot of confidence on stage. He’s sort of ridiculous. We miss him. He has the most beautiful pure tenor you could ever want to hear.” – Bartlett Sher

“Matt is another one; I worship the ground he walks on. I first saw Matt when he auditioned for me for the Rocky Horror Picture Show and I desperately wanted to hire him at the time. And he had a boy band and he was doing some opening acts. And he eventually came into the show. I hired him for Hairspray and he was in the dancing chorus and then was the understudy for Link in Seattle. I believe he did not get his Broadway contract to almost the end of the Seattle run. The producers wanted to see if he could do it. He is so talented, such a star. An amazing dancer, a great actor, and gorgeous to look at. What’s not to like! I’ve hired him on three of four projects. He is in my rolodex; I always have to keep him in mind. – Jerry Mitchell

“Let’s see. Should I just start with what I saw last night, South Pacific? There’s Matt Morrison, my boyfriend – who’s totally straight. He was the original Link Larkin in Hairspray and he was in Rocky Horror for me. But Matt is just absolutely stunning and beautiful and he’s a great Cable in South Pacific. He’s spectacular.” – Jerry Mitchell

“Matthew has it all, money, fame, talent, looks and yet… he is so humble and genuinely warm, caring. I love him to death” – Iqbal Theba

“He is an amazing human, too” – Iqbal Theba

Q: Best thing about working on Glee?

“Working with the likes of Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison and free food” – Iqbal Theba

“Like the character he plays on Glee, Matthew Morrison does have a Pure Heart.” – Iqbal Theba

“Matthew is playful, you never know what’s going to come out of his mouth, whether he’s going to spin you around and dip you.” – Dianna Agron

“He’s the father figure to all of us. He commands what we’re doing and we look up to him. He’s both our teacher and our friend. This has been the longest time away from him. If we don’t see each other for two days it’s like two weeks, we get separation anxiety.” – Dianna Agron

“Proud of Matty’s directorial debut. Loved the B&W Xmas special.” – Dianna Agron

“Wish I could have seen @Matt_Morrison sing today in my hommmeeetownnn for the SF GIANTS. Gonna have to YouTube that. So awesome Matty.” – Dianna Agron

“Have you all wished @Matt_Morrison a wonderful, happy birthday? I have… ;)” – Dianna Agron

“Matthew is definitely the male lead. The show revolves around him. He’s its heart.” (…) “When we shot that scene [Golddigger], I just told the cameraman to stay on him while he made stuff up. The cast and crew burst out in applause after that first take. In a different time, Gene Kelly would have played this part.” – Ryan Murphy

“I saw Matt sing in New York, he had all the right ingredients: a masculine guy who could be vulnerable, a dude who could sing and dance. I always wanted to find my Gene Kelly, and I did.” – Ryan Murphy

“Matt’s the star of the show. The show rests on his shoulders-everything revolves around him.” – Ryan Murphy

“Matt is such a great team player and he’s done so much for different Glee charities.” – Ryan Murphy

“His nickname has always been ‘Triple Threat’, because he can sing and he can act and he can dance.” – Ryan Murphy

“He is amazing. I had seen him sing in the pilot and I heard that he was from Broadway and I knew that he was really talented right away. But it’s always fun to hear him, and Lea too. It’s amazing when you hear that come out of a human being. Chilling. And then we did an episode called ‘Acafellas’ where Matthew does, he raps. It was like he morphed into Justin Timberlake. It was like the coolest thing. He can do it. It didn’t look like a joke, it actually looked totally authentic, and he was fantastic. I think he has just an amazing musical range. People like that who have been singing their whole lives, they have such a command of that.” – Jessalyn Gilsig

“The only dirt I have is that Matthew Morrison is the love of my life, dang it… oh, I love him.” – Kristin Chenoweth

“It’s such a wonderful friendship. I just really respect him. I respect the way he conducts himself on the set. He’s a pro. Also, I love what he’s doing with the role. And, I also love April and Will together.” – Kristin Chenoweth

“It really sucked to work opposite you in Glee because you’re ugly and not very talented.” – Kristin Chenoweth

“Working with MMorrison. The BEST.” – Kristin Chenoweth

“Also, I get to work with Matthew Morrison, and that doesn’t suck… I know a lot of women who would be envious to be in my position. Talk about someone who has great teeth! Anyway, he’s so darling, and can really sing, and he’s really nice to look at.” – Kristin Chenoweth

“His voice crosses over to all ages, I can’t wait for him to go on tour and let people see Matthew Morrison and not just Will Schuester. There’s so much more people will see on stage.”

“Mr. Schue is a great part, but it’s definitely the straight man to everybody – and he makes him stand out. So he’s pretty special.”

“He’s a big goofball and very funny.” – Kristin Chenoweth

“I love the person he is. He’s incredibly talented and can sing and all that, but I love his demeanor. He’s really down to earth.” – Kristin Chenoweth

“Matthew Morrison and I became really good friends. And I’m so proud of his album too. I think, for me, it’s him because we’ve done a lot of our scenes together. I did a quick online interview for him where I was his James Lipton. When I heard his single Summer Rain on the radio, I pulled over in my car and told him I heard his song and the radio and I wanted to cry. When you get a song on pop radio, it’s kind of a big deal. I wanted to acknowledge that, and I hope he gets my record and likes it too. We’ll see.” – Kristin Chenoweth

“It was shocking. I’m very honored. #ilovematthewmorrison” – Kristin Chenoweth

“MM. You are a dream!!!!” – Kristin Chenoweth

Your buddy Matthew Morrison did the Goodman Gala one year.

“I love that. That makes me so happy! He’s such a good guy. I love him.” – Kristin Chenoweth

“Talent, brains and kind.” – Kristin Chenoweth

“Matt is so sexy and I’m not immune to male charm. He is an amazing man, he fires on all cylinders.” – Jane Lynch

“You get the sense he knows he can write his own ticket. If I were going to come back as someone, I’d come back as Matt Morrison.” – Jane Lynch

“I hate to pick favorites, but Matthew Morrison is a superior human being. He can do anything. He can sing. He can dance. He is charming. He’s down to earth. He break dances. He’s just an amazing guy. His talent blows me away.” – Jane Lynch

“Matt blows me away. Matt Morrison, the depth of his talent and his charm. The camera loves him. […] He doesn’t need any attention, though. He’s weird in that way. He’s not like the rest of us. He’s a strange animal. He doesn’t need the attention, but he gets it all. He’s perfectly content playing with his iPad, sitting in his cast chair.”

[…] Q: “Who is your favorite to do scenes with?”

“Matt… and I do scenes with him all the time.” – Jane Lynch

“Great male body. But he has a softness. I want to be him, ’cause he’s sexy.” – Jane Lynch

“He’s dreamy and he’s just about the nicest person on the planet.” – Jane Lynch

“Matt, you are a credit to your profession and to human race. I am so grateful and so deeply touched that you’re here tonight. Getting to know you has been the classic ‘peeling of the onion’ metaphor at work, and as I get to know you and the depth of who you are, you just keep showing yourself to be one heck of a guy, and I know you’re here tonight not only for me but to celebrate the work of the Center. You’re a substantial human being, and I’m proud to call you my friend.” – Jane Lynch

“He’s good-hearted and extremely compassionate. Any time I get petty or gossipy around him, I always feel bad because he’s not that guy. When the show started, he was kind of to himself. Over the months, we’ve become very good friends. It took a while for me to get in there, and he’s the best guy in the world. He feels his way around first. He’s a really substantial person.”

“His humor can go a bit off-color, which will keep me coming back.” – Jane Lynch

“I’ve worked most with Matt Morrison, our steadfast glee club director, Mr. Schuester, and my affection from him runs deep. The extent of his gift as a singer and dancer just floors me, and his sex appeal is off the charts. But what I value most of all in Matt is that he is kind. When he talks, all of his impressions and thoughts are first filtered through his compassionate heart. His sense of humor is still off-color and he can be as crude as I like it, but cynicism is not his thing and I love him for that. Whenever I’m tempted to engage in gossip and pettiness, all it takes is one look into Matt’s soulful eyes (complete with the fullest set of lashes ever given to a person) to get me right back into my heart. On set, he has claimed Will Schuester’s school office as his own, and I often see him in there during downtime, on his computer, with his headphones on, working on his own music. He always seems completely content with his own company; he loves to travel and go off on adventures all by his lonesome, doing things like jumping out of airplanes. The thought of doing anything like that, much less by myself, terrifies me, but I greatly admire his wanderlust and his need to try new things. I count myself lucky that when we work together he often hangs out with me and talks; I appreciate so much that he lets me into his private world. He also has genuine affection for Lara and Haden. He lights up when he sees them and gives them huge hugs. In this way, he feels even more a part of my family, and working with him hardly feels like a job at all.” – Jane Lynch (from her book, ‘Happy Accidents’)

“Matt of course is my favorite person on set, perhaps one of my favorite people in life. He’s a very funny, witty, but completely without cynicism kind of guy. I love locking eyes with him every day, I love seeing him every day and I’ve great affection for him. He’s so darn talented and so… charming, and he’s one of those people that grows on you. He kind of keeps to himself, his energy is like this [motions a wall], but when he lets you in… oh. It’s wonderful. I actually really like Matthew’s hair.” – Jane Lynch

“We recently interviewed Matthew Morrison, and he said that you’re his best friend. Is the feeling mutual on your end?”

“It is. He’s a really great guy. I saw him perform at 54 Below recently, and he is really amazing. He is a great, giving actor and one of the nicest people I know.”

“He said that when you guys filmed scenes, he used to crack up but now he’s gotten it under control.”

“He has gotten it under control. But we love working together, we have a lot of fun. I love him, and I think he’s just great.”

“Do you have personal feelings about his hair gel? We know Sue Sylvester does!”

“I love his hair, I’m very jealous of it. It’s not only lush and has a lot of body to it, but it has like 12 different colors, just like a kid does. You know how we pay thousands of dollars every year to get our hair highlighted with that nice variety of color? He’s got it naturally.” – Jane Lynch

“He’s a natural leader. It’s really funny to see him direct the kids, he’ll come in and go ‘All right, guys!’ and it feels like we’re in a scene, and he’s playing Schuester, but he’s actually playing Matt Morrison directing children.” – Jane Lynch

“Matthew Morrison and I were doing theater at the same time in New York, so I knew him from the theater community before I met him on Glee. He’s awesome. Such a good leader of the company, because he really takes care of everyone and is so supportive. I really really dig him.” – Jonathan Groff

“I was really surprised that Matthew Morrison could rap. I didn’t know he had it in him.” – Amber Riley

“We love Matt. We’re all a little more mature when he’s on set.” – Amber Riley

“Mr. Morrison is doing a great job as Director :)” – Amber Riley

“Just watched Extraordinary Christmas! Matthew Morrison did an excellent job, his directorial debut, loved it :)” – Amber Riley

“Matt’s so talented and f***ing good-looking, and he’s got this boy-next door persona, but he’s a real Jekyll & Hyde.” – Marc Shaiman

“He’s an old-fashioned quadruple threat. There’s singing, dancing, acting, and he’s a natural-born performer. He came to our writing sessions with a notebook full of lyrics or ideas for lyrics. He definitely had been thinking about this for a long time.” – Marc Shaiman

“Matt Morrison is great. Always on point. (Not as in ballet. Professionally.) – Neil Patrick Harris

“Matt is such a great, talented guy and to be able to sing a duet with him and to be his nemesis and jab him a little bit was a really fun week.” – Neil Patrick Harris

“I love that guy. What he said to me on Oprah, it was so unexpected; I knew something was gonna happen, but it wasn’t certain that they’d have time for it, and man, when it did I got a little emotional cause it’s like, he said this on Oprah! He’s like an older brother to me. He’s told me, “I’m really protective over you, ’cause I just love what you do.” We get along really well in a kind of little brother-older brother relationship. I hope that translates to screen.” – Harry Shum Jr.

Q: who is your favorite dance partner on the show?

“I’ve danced with a lot of people on the show and they are all great, but if I had to choose one, I’d have to say Matt Morrison. We worked on Make Em’ Laugh together and it was such a pleasure dancing with him. He has a dance background, so it was fun to experiment and try different moves out. He has no ego and just wants to learn and work hard to make it look the best it can be. Plus, he broke his finger on the first take and didn’t tell anyone he did until the end of the day. I look up to that guy; solid dude.” – Harry Shum Jr.

“My favorite part of it was actually Matt Morrison directing that. He was in the scene yelling ‘Action!’ and then -Shum mimics Morrison running around the camera- starting the scene, you were like, this is weird! And him yelling ‘Cut!’. But he did an amazing job, and we’re so proud of him.” – Harry Shum Jr.

“Matthew Morrison and I did ‘Hairspray’ together on Broadway, and I love him. We got to make out on stage for a year..and he’s a very good kisser!” – Laura Bell Bundy

“I actually went to college with Matty Morrison. We actually dated very briefly, so I’ll have to say maybe Matt Morrison is my favorite part of Glee for various reasons.” – Kristen Bell

“Mr. Schuester, Matthew Morrison from Glee. I think he’s so cute, plus he was in South Pacific, he’s so talented, he’s got an amazing voice, obviously, but he’s also an incredible dancer and he’s just… I just think he’s great.” – Katie Couric

“He’s so cute… and he’s so talented!” – Katie Couric

“I’m a big admirer of his, and I think he’s got a wonderful future ahead of him.” […] “He’s so cute, so nice, so personable, fun, and so talented! I really admire the fact that he has a gorgeous singing voice, he’s a fantastic dancer, and such a terrific actor.” – Katie Couric

“The man can sing, the man can dance, and he’s a very charming dude.” – Darren Criss

“He’s a sweet kisser. He’s got beautiful lips.” – Dot Marie Jones

“I love me some Matt. I love working with him.” – Dot Marie Jones

“Morrison was just so like gentle and it was just for me and he is everybody’s heartthrob, to fall into that – and just so gentle and sweet and soft and supple. And it was just like this ‘Mmmmm!’ a kiss, but yet it was so… What made it so big is how underplayed it was. Dude, does that make sense? And it was like it was just this sweet, sweet moment that was so huge. It was this little moment that was giant.” – Dot Marie Jones

“[The kiss] with Matthew Morrison! I am so grateful that it was with Matthew because he’s such a gracious actor and so present and just so lovely. I love Matt.” – Dot Marie Jones

“Great day at Glee worked with one of the kindest men ever!!! I love you @Matt_Morrison” – Dot Marie Jones

“Another gr8 day with @Matt_Morrison I love our days together! Love you sweetest man!!” – Dot Marie Jones

“I think Matt is a wonderful rapper. I could never rap, personally. I can’t even wrap presents, so I’m not even going to try to rap music.” – Chris Colfer

“I love Matt. So I went there [to the Grove concert] to show my support. He was great, he’s a talented guy. He’s actually really really good live. I had never heard him live before but I was impressed.” – Chord Overstreet

“This Xmas episode is gonna be so so so good! Matt Morrison is making his directorial debut. I might say, he is fantastic!!!! Sooooo fun!!!!” – Chord Overstreet

“He’s amazing. He’s such a good dancer and he’s so talented!” – Gwyneth Paltrow

“Matthew’s become a really good friend of mine. You’ll see me out for dinner with Matt Morrison again, he’s a great friend. I adore him.” – Gwyneth Paltrow

“Matt Morrison really looks like a cartoon prince, and that guy can cut a rug, man.” – Zooey Deschanel

“Here’s the deal with Matty Morrison: he is the most unassuming, nicest, most humble guy, who also happens to be extremely talented. And he’s just a natural on television! He’s really in the tone of Glee but he’s also so real and grounded. He deserves every ounce of success that’s coming his way. He’s done a lot for that show, and it’s all a tribute to the high school choir director who changed his life.” – Victoria Clark

“He is so funny. He’ll come and take you in his arms and give you a kiss on the cheek in the morning and just make you so happy. You come to work and everybody’s tired and he literally wraps you up and gives you the hugest hug and that’s how you start the day.” – Heather Morris

“He’s taught me you can be straight on Broadway [laughs].” – Mark Salling

“Someone asked me the other day if I would be on Glee, and I said, ‘Yeah.’ I’m trained to say yes to everything. We’ll see. Matthew Morrison is fantastic. I’m a big fan of his.” – Hugh Jackman

“I love having Matthew Morrison as a director. The man is a genius. Another fun day at work.” – Damian McGinty

“He’s amazing and you really feel like he’s got your back.” – Damian McGinty

“Matthew was amazing. It was interesting for him because he understands what we’re doing from an actor’s point-of-view, so the advice he was giving was amazing. Matthew is such a great guy and a real role model and he’s very wise. I look up to Matthew, I have to say.” – Damian Mc Ginty

Q: Is Matt Morrison an outstanding or simply amazing director?

A: “Both :)” – Cory Monteith

“Isn’t he like, from Fort Ord, California? I didn’t know people from Fort Ord could, like, bring it down… because he brought it!” – Cory Monteith

” I love Matt Morrison. I was very happy to do it. […] It was pleasant, people were nice, and I loved Matt. He’s a friend.” – Victor Garber

“He really is the father-figure teacher to all of us. Granted that he is not that much older than some of us. But he does really fill that role, where he kind of commands, when he’s in a scene, what we’re doing. So, I think we definitely look up to him in that way.” – Kevin Mc Hale

“so much to catch up on!! Matt Morrison directed an incredible Glee Xmas ep! it’s hilarious and nothing like we’ve ever done!” – Kevin Mc Hale

“I was really surprised how good Matt was at doing it [rapping]. Because, you know, he comes from Broadway…” – Kevin McHale

“Matt does an amazing job; he’s a genius; he’s brilliant and super talented.” – Max Adler

“It’s a duet. It’s great, really fantastic. He sings great on it.” – Elton John

“He’s so talented.” – Lin Manuel Miranda

“Working with Matthew Morrison from the TV show Glee now and he has been fantastic. Great voice. Great pitch and hard worker. Soulful.” – Rob Mathes

“I couldn’t enjoy the show any more, and I couldn’t be happier for Matt, because he is so talented.” – Jamie-Lynn Sigler

“He is amazing… my friend, Matthew.” – Leona Lewis

Q: “What about Matt Morrison? You two friends? :)”

A: “Oh, yes. He’s a GREAT guy!” – Brad Ellis

“Glee doesn’t even begin to touch the range of what he can do. He’s very versatile. He’s doing something really very special that we haven’t seen in a long while. He’s authoritative, like an old-school leading man with a microphone.
I wasn’t surprised when he did Broadway stuff so well on Glee, because we had crossed paths in New York and his Broadway experience told me he could do that. But then when he started doing hip-hop moves and rapping and he did those so well, I thought, ‘What else can this guy do?’
Here’s what’s cool about him. He has all the opportunities to lead a ridiculously glamorous life, but he prefers to live like an adult. He lives in a quiet neighborhood. He’s been with his fiancee for a long time. He’s not at all seduced by the ridiculous crap of Hollywood.” – Brad Ellis

“Matthew Morrison is one of my idols.” – Curt Mega

“My theatre-nerd-out moment of the week was getting to chat with Matt Morrison on the Paramount lot for about 10 minutes about Piazza and sharing with him how I listened to his voice nonstop for three months while learning the role, and hearing him talk about working with Guettel and collaborating/sharing on ideas for certain aspects of the vocal score as he had a few of his songs still in development while rehearsing it. That was WAY cool, getting to just chat with someone I admire as an artist so much. It was a phenomenal week on set in every way!” – Curt Mega

Q: Now that we’ve learned that you sing and play the guitar, are you also a dancer? Could you take on Mr. Schuester [Matthew Morrison] in a dance off?

“I don’t think anyone can take on Matt Morrison in a dance off! Did you see him on the Tonys? […] Matt is truly what you call a ‘triple threat’. […] That is one of the nicknames because he’s a marvelous actor. He’s very available and vulnerable to you as an actor, he’s a marvelous dancer and he’s an amazing singer. Besides that, he’s just a swell guy in real life. So no one can touch Matt Morrison!” – Bill Jones

“He’s amazing, he’s gonna do a standards record, kind of this old school, amazing thing.” – Adam Levine

“I am excited for everyone to hear Matthew’s forthcoming album. Great things are in store for him with this release.” Adam Levine

“He’s the new Gene Kelly!” – Jay Leno

“Evan is played by the lovely and wonderful and super-talented Matt Morrison, who is just a delight to work with.” – Cameron Diaz

“I got to dance with Matt Morrison. He is the loveliest human being on the face of the planet.” – Cameron Diaz

“He’s like Fred Astaire, or Gene Kelly, he’s amazing. He’s like butter, he’s smooth.” – Cameron Diaz

“He’s a professional. This man has danced on Broadway, so I just followed what he did. I just let him be the boss and it was amazing. It’s like dancing with, I imagine, Gene Kelly, he’s like, so smooth, it’s like he’s on rollers, you know? It’s amazing.” – Cameron Diaz

“To dance with this one, over here, this man? It’s amazing. I felt so honored to get to be led by him. He’s like Gene Kelly. He’s amazing.” – Cameron Diaz

“Matthew Morrison is the loveliest of the lovely. He’s really, honestly just… so delightful to work with, and I got to dance with him, so to be able to dance with him, it’s kind of like, honestly, he’s a modern-day Gene Kelly. He really has such a great energy about his dancing, and I let him lead, I was like, ‘Show me how to do it!'” – Cameron Diaz

“Matthew Morrison proved to be everything we wanted and more. […] Matthew Morrison is a real leading man, [he] is a straightforward, intelligent dreamboat. […] Matthew Morrison’s making was [as] the understudy going on at the last minute. I’ve seen it many times… Whenever an actor has dropped out and we’ve replaced him, I’ve always found it was a blessing, even though it’s scary at first.” – Mark O’ Donnel

“Matt is wildly successful and really talented. He’s a friend of mine and I’ve worked with him. I’ve watched him work his ass off for ten years before Glee.” – Andrew Rannels

“Classy as they come. From another era. In the way you want to be. Natural leader. Massive talent. Leader. Loyal. Great Dude.” – Mike O’Malley

Current Projects

American Horror Story: 1984
Release Date: September 18, 2019
Network: FX

The Greatest Dancer
Release Date: 2020
Network: BBC One

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