Hollywood star Cameron Diaz says being in the delivery room while her sister gave birth helped prepare her for her latest film role.The actress stars alongside Jennifer Lopez, Chris Rock and Chace Crawford in What to Expect When You’re Expecting.The 39-year-old plays an expectant mother who becomes pregnant after a fling with her dance partner, played by Matthew Morrison from Glee.The film also sees Cheryl Cole make her major acting debut in a cameo role.Cameron Diaz, 39, describes seeing her sister giving birth as a “terrifying” experience. “The first time was a C-section and I had no idea what I was walking into there,” says the actress.”I didn’t realise I was walking into a surgery.”That obviously didn’t put her off and she witnessed her sister giving birth twice more.”The natural birth was even more insane,” she says. “It was terrifying. I was young and naive to it, it was so weird.”Matthew Morrison, 33, has experience of seeing new life first hand. His dad was a midwife.”I’ve been in the delivery room with him when I was young,” he says. “I’ve helped deliver two babies.”Both stars also think Cheryl Cole has a big future as an actress.The Girls Aloud singer, who is 28, has a brief cameo as herself in the film playing a judge on a dance talent show.”Oh my God, she was great,” says Cameron.”She brought so much great energy to the set and had great ad libs. Just a good girl, we had a good time.”Matthew Morrison is another fan of the British pop star.He says: “Coming to London a lot you hear so many stories about her.”It was great to meet her and talk to her as a human being.”The actor also doesn’t think US audiences will have a problem with her Geordie accent.”It actually did take me a second,” he admits. “But as soon as I clicked into her accent it was fine.”Source

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