Access Hollywood—–E! NewsJust because Matthew Morrison is on one of the hottest television shows around that doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking about his post-Glee life.What’s in store for Morrison, and how long does he see the Fox series lasting? Read on to find out, plus wait till you hear what happened when he watched Cameron Diaz give birth…”Absolutely, I can imagine that,” Morrison, 33, says when I ask if he can ever see himself no longer on the show. “I definitely had a life before Glee and there will definitely be a life after it.”I caught up with Morrison this weekend at the Four Season in Beverly Hills while he was promoting his new movie, What to Expect When You’re Expecting.While Glee has been picked up for a fourth season, Morrison thinks the series “will go at least five [seasons]. A lot just depends on next year.”Season four is still so up in the air. “A lot of people don’t know if they’re coming back or not,” Morrison said. “They don’t know if they have a job. It’s a little strange.”Also a little strange? How he teared up during Cameron Diaz’s birthing scene in What to Expect. Diaz, 39, plays a reality-show fitness trainer who gets knocked up when she has a fling with a professional dancer (Morrison) while competing on a Dancing With the Stars-like show.”I went in there with a totally difference direction of how I was going to play that scene. I was not going to cry,” Morrison said. “But it felt so real I just couldn’t help myself. I got emotional. It was Cameron, myself and the woman playing the midwife. We all held hands afterwards. We felt like we really gave birth.”Morrison is currently recording his first album since being signed by The Voice’s Adam Levine. It’s a collection of standards, including tunes he sang on Broadway.”I wanted to do it for my Broadway fans,” he said. “I feel like I’ve neglected them. I was there for 10 years straight and then I haven’t been there for the last four years. I just feel like I wanted to give them something.”P.S.: Morrison and his gorgeous model girlfriend of about a year, Renee Puente, are still going strong. They’re headed to Barcelona this summer for some vacation time.Source—–Clevver News—–[…]But Elizabeth wasn’t the only one with a few baby-bumpin’ woes, Matthew Morrison, who plays Cameron Diaz’s baby daddy in the flick also spilled a few behind-the-scenes secrets on Cam’s baby bod:”I know Cameron had some problems with depth perception, like she was just bumping into stuff, where she saw a little space and was like ‘Oh yeah, I can fit through there,’ but she kinda didn’t fit through there,” Morrison laughed.READ: Matthew Morrison Talks End of Glee and Helping Cameron Diaz…Give Birth?!But hey, who can blame Cam for forgetting she’s not supposed to be a size zero on set

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