All the scans from the interview hereFrom the Broadway debut to the worldwide Glee stardom, the road hasn’t been short. But now Matthew Morrison is living a golden moment. And he’s enjoying it.They have surpassed even Elvis, managing to place 113 songs in the Billboard Top 100 in 18 months (The King got to 108). But the success of the Glee Club kids is mostly a television one, averaging 11 million viewers per episode in the US, with a third season already renewed. Glee will go on hiatus between June and July, closing season two with the much anticipated New York episode, where Rachel, Finn and the rest of the Glee clubs will have to face their arch-nemeses Vocal Adrenalin in Nationals. And as usual, they will get to rely on Mr Schuester’s experience and enthusiasm, played by 32-year old Matthew Morrison.Mr Morrison, what’s the secret of the series in your opinion?I think if you asked this to every member of the cast, each would have a different answer. And I think this is the real strenght of Glee, it carries a little bit of each one of us. As far as I’m concerned, I think the key is music, the universal language that we all speak. Talking about music, you’re working on a solo album.I’m trying. The idea is to make something that people from 6 to 60 can enjoy, but it’s tough! I wrote most of the songs, and I really enjoyed being able to do something so intimate and personal. And to think that I used to breakdance as a kid!What else do you enjoy doing in your free time?I need the adrenaline boost, I love extreme sports like skydiving. But I’d rather not let the Glee producers know…You once said more people watched the pilot of Glee than your entire Broadway career. Don’t you think this is a bit unfair?There are things television can’t give you, like that special feeling that exists between actors on stage and the audience. Thanks to its musical comedy format, Glee is the one television show that can the most convey those emotions so… I don’t think so.On set, you seem to be closest to your nemesis, Sue Sylvester, aka Jane Lynch.All the merit gpes to the writers, who wrote us these amazing roles. We clicked from day one. Fighting all the time on set has made us closer in real life: Jane is now one of my closest friends.How’s the relationship with the kids?At the beginning they used to ask me for advice every day, I really felt like the teacher! Now we’re all aware of what we’ve got into, we’ve become a perfect machine.

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